Metra company produces platform weighbridges for weighing static loads during accounting and technological operations at factories of various industries. The high accuracy of the result is ensured by the use of MICROSIM weighing devices and load cells of well-known world leaders NVM (Germany) and Sensortronic (USA), which have a degree of protection IP 67 and 68. The reliability of the weighbridges is ensured by the use of reinforced structures and special units for shock absorption.

NPP "Metra" produces platform weighbridges made of stainless steel with the highest scale capacity from 6 kilograms to 3 tons. Each model of platform weighbridges has its own design features, thanks to which the client has the opportunity to choose the most suitable scales for their tasks.

All platform weighbridges have two weighing ranges (multi-range), which allows customers to get additional opportunities to use them both for standard weighing and for more accurate weighing. So, you can use the same platform weighbridges for weighing boxes, bags and packages up to 60 kg with a discreteness of 20 g and for weighing small packages up to 30 kg with a discreteness of 10 g

Types of platform weighbridges
  • Platform weighbridges with one load cell
  • Platform weighbridges with four load cells
  • Scales for weighing animals
  • Heavy-duty platform weighbridges
  • Shockproof weighbridges for crane loading
  • Platform weighbridges for weighing containers, etc

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