Truck scales
Metra company produces truck scales for static and axial weighing of moving trucks and road trains. High accuracy of the result is provided by load cells that convert data equally accurately both in the cold of -30 °C and in the heat of +40 °C.
Special software developed by our engineers and programmers makes it easy to integrate weighing data into the corporate database. The use of appropriate software minimizes the influence of the human factor and allows you to receive information in real time. Since 2020, all truck scales are supplied in analog-to-digital version, which allows you to get even more accurate information about the weighing results at a distance of up to 1000 m from the load receptor, as well as timely and detailed diagnosis of load cell malfunction.

Types of NPP Metra truck scales
  • Stationary truck scales
    with an upper weighing limit of 30, 60, 80, 100 or 150 tons and a platform length from 6 to 24 m
  • Foundation-free scales for weighing cars
    To deliver lectures and masterclasses
  • Scales unique in their characteristics for weighing BelAZ dump trucks
    When developing them, it was taken into account that 75% of the load of this giant falls on the rear axle
  • Explosion-proof truck scales
    They differ from mass-produced products by eliminating the slightest possibility of sparking in electrical circuits, as well as the use of explosion-proof load cells

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