Railcar bridge weighs
The company produces railcar weighs for static or dynamic weighing, and also carries out the conversion of existing mechanical weighing systems of railcars and tanks to more accurate electronic ones.

Types of NPP Metra railcar weighs
  • Foundation-free railcar weights
    are designed for static weighing of railcars without uncoupling. The design of the scales allows to install them without the mandatory installation of a concrete foundation
  • Static railcar weights
    allow to weigh stationary railcars or tanks. This type of railway weighs guarantees maximum accuracy, but requires a lot of time, which is not always acceptable for technological or economic reasons
  • Dynamic (scales for weighing in motion)
    allow to obtain data on the mass of railcars or tanks moving along them at a speed of up to 10 km /h. Such railcar weighs allow you to control the amount of goods transported by rail without stopping and uncoupling the train, which minimizes time costs which minimizes time costs with high accuracy of the received data
  • Universal railcar weights
    if necessary, it is possible to supply universal railcar weights that allow both weighing in motion (dynamic) and static weighing (weighing when stopped)

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