Microsim M 10-02
The NPP "METRA" upgraded new generation digital device Microsim M1001, now it has received the marking М 10-02
  • The main feature of the new device is that now it has three RS485 ports. The distribution of digital sensors (or multi-channel digital strain converters) on 3 ports allows maintaining a high polling frequency in multi-channel weighing systems, which is necessary when tracking weight during dosing (loading on scales)
  • The housing has a new constructable design and is more compact
  • The software of the device has been updated
  • М10-02 allows working with scales without necessarily connecting to a computer
  • It is possible to exchange data with the enterprise system over the Ethernet channel
  • Data archiving is provided
Main features of the device:
  • The weight data is transmitted digitally from the sensors
  • The possibility of falsification of weighing data and unauthorized access to changing the settings of the weighing system is completely prevented
The device provides the following capabilities in the setup mode
  • configuration of the scales
  • configuration of communication interface parameters
  • setting of the values of the main parameters of the scales: Max, Min, d; units of mass measurement
  • setting of the mode of operation of the scales: single-interval, multi-interval
  • determination of the parameters of setting the scale to zero automatically and manually
  • calibration of the scales and individual weighing platforms
The device provides the following capabilities in the operation mode
  • display of the value of gross, net, tare mass
  • sampling of the tare mass and manual entry of the tare mass
  • setting of the readings to zero automatically and manually; zero adjustment
  • display of the load on each weighing platform and on each sensor
  • transmission of the weighing information to a computer or an external controller
  • storage of information about the last 120 weighings

The device is distinguished by ease of use and ease of operation,
as well as a manufacturer's warranty

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