Conveyor weighers

Metra company produces conveyor weighers to determine the performance of the shipment of bulk materials. The scales have the function of accounting for the mass of the shipped material and the current capacity of the conveyor, RS 485 communication interface, current output with ranges of values (specified when ordering): 0 ... 5 mA, 4 ... 20 mA, 0... 20 mA.

Metra produces conveyor scales designed for a conveyor belt width of 500...1600mm and the highest linear density of material on the belt of 5...500 kg/m. The weighers are integrated into existing conveyors of various designs. Two standard roller supports used in this conveyor are installed on the cargo receiving device.

The weighers consist of two main components: a cargo receiving device (a load receptor) and a measuring system. The load receptor is mounted on a conveyor load bearing structure. The scales are unpretentious and easy to maintain and have a wide operating temperature range from -30 to +40° C.

The belt speed sensor is attached to the roller support of the balance or conveyor and is rotated by the upper branch of the conveyor belt. The measuring section of the conveyor belt transmits the load to the sensors through two roller supports of the scales. The number of roller supports and sensors

included in the load receptor of weighers allows to increase the weighing area and achieve high weighing accuracy.

Easy to transport as the scales are delivered disassembled (weight 60-120kg).

Increased protection from the external environment due to the use of sealed sensors made of stainless steel Z6FC3 with a degree of protection IP67 (manufactured by HBM Germany), located at the corners of the load receptor in the swiveling blocks of the built-in structure, which allows you to install the scales on conveyors with an angle of inclination up to 20°.

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